Report Outage & Storm Center

Pioneer Electric Cooperative works hard to keep outages to a minimum, but there are times when Mother Nature can take a turn for the worse. Thunderstorms, ice storms, tornadoes and other natural catastrophes can not only knock out electrical service; they can also put life and property in peril.

No matter how severe the storm, you can rest assured that Pioneer Electric Cooperative won't leave you in the dark during these trying times. Not only are our 65 employees working hard to ensure your power is restored in a timely manner, we are committed to providing you up-to-date information during outage situations.

Report Outage

It's important for you to know the correct procedures for reporting an outage if one should occur.

If your service is interrupted:

  • First check your fuses or breakers to make sure the problem is not your own.
  • Check to see if your neighbors have service.
  • Have your meter or account number ready before calling.

The most efficient way to report an outage is our 24-hour outage-reporting system by calling 1-888-551-4140. This is not an automated system, a live person will answer your call.  It is crucial for  our members to have their meter or account number (s) ready in order to process the outage report as quickly as possible.

To report an outage:


You may experience a busy signal when calling during a major outage. If you see we are aware of outages in your area, be assured we will restore power as quickly as possible, even if you haven't personally contacted the Cooperative.